Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance

The Fire Services Act 1981 states that all reasonable measures should be taken to guard against the outbreak of fire on a premises. Installing Fire Fighting Equipment in your building ensures that you are complying with this Act. It is recommended however that once the Fire Extinguishers are in place they must be maintained and ready to use. The standard that relates to this is Irish Standard 291 (IS 291) as compiled by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). Generally speaking, Fire Extinguishers should be serviced at least once a year and as part of that service approximately 25% of your extinguishers should be test discharged annually. The idea being that over a 4 year period all fire extinguishers throughout a building will be thoroughly inspected, maintained and ready to use. As a widely recognised Fire Safety Company we provide this service.

Test Discharges may vary from year to year.

All Extinguishers will be refilled in a properly equipped location in the interest of Health and Safety.

 Once the service has been completed any recommendations will be discussed before any further work is carried out. If approval is needed for any extra equipment, a written quotation will be submitted. As standard a Maintenance Certificate and detailed Report will also be submitted after the Annual Service. These should be retained in your Fire Safety Register (which we will supply free of charge) for Inspections, Audits or Insurance purposes. We will then notify you at the time of your next Annual Service. .